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Reprogram your mind!

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! [Henry Ford}

Your thoughts have a significant impact on your success and well-being. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that women who thought more optimistically lived longer and healthier lives than those who tended to be pessimistic.

It is known already that our mind may be our biggest enemy. So, reprogramming your mind can perhaps be the biggest challenge when attempting to think of your way to success. Habits of the mind can be difficult to break, but by implementing a few strategies, we will be able to develop new patterns of thought in the future.

Scientists believe that only about 3% of your brain’s processing power goes toward your conscious mind — the thoughts, ideas, and decisions you make every day.

The other 97% is used for subconscious and automatic functions, like digesting food and breathing. Your habits and beliefs also fall under that 97%, which means your subconscious is very powerful.

In other words, you could have the most well intentioned conscious thoughts and ideas — but if your subconscious isn’t on board, then you’ve got a problem.

Ways to reprogramming your mind:

Visualize: it’s a great way to program your mind with positive, empowering images. Try spending 10-15 minutes a day visualizing positive scenes that feature you and your life experiences that you desire.

Affirmations : Affirmations are another effective way to install positive messages into your subconscious. Word them positively, in the present tense and repeat, repeat, repeat!

Use audio recordings that deliberately alter the frequency of your brainwaves. It isn’t a Sci-Fi movie :), but reports from people who’ve tried these audio programs are overwhelmingly positive.

Define your fears and what they really are, acknowledge them. Don’t let your fears get in the way of your success.

Develop healthy sleep habits. Those who get eight or more hours of sleep a day report being more productive at work and tend to exhibit signs of better mental health.

Provide yourself with new experiences and new perspectives. A study showed that participants who read fiction were better able to anticipate the feelings of others and being able to empathies with others.

This isn't just an important skill for those interested in living more compassionate lives, it can also help you be a better professional by understanding the thought process of colleagues, employees or prospective customers and it will make it easier to form powerful connections.

Be patient and keep course, as harnessing the power of your subconscious and overcoming the limiting beliefs found there may be the difference between you achieving your goals or failing in your long-term life pursuits.

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