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mar., 16 apr.



Navigating the Intersection of AI and Data Privacy

Join us for an essential discussion on the ethical and responsible use of AI and Cyber Security. This event is a unique opportunity to dive into the most urgent issues surrounding AI development and its implications.

Navigating the Intersection of AI and Data Privacy
Navigating the Intersection of AI and Data Privacy

Time & Location

16 apr. 2024, 13:30 – 17:00

București, Bulevardul Expozitiei, Intrare C, București, Romania


About the Event

What is Free Market Road Show 2024 ? 

Our focus this year, “Shatter Barriers,” embodies a commitment to exploring uncharted territories in policy-making, economics, and social discourse. We aim to unravel the complexities of modern governance and economic systems, challenging the status quo and reimagining an EU and US that is free, dynamic, and thriving. 

“Ignite Change,” our chosen subtitle, reflects our dedication to not only dissecting current issues but also forging ahead with innovative solutions. 

From the impacts of digital currencies on global finance to the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of work, we delve into topics that resonate with today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. 

Our Event Speakers are: 


Barbara Kolm - Founder of the Free Market Road Show 

Silvia Uscov - Business and Tech Lawyer, Cyber Law Lecturer – Cyber Smart Academy 

Cristiana Deca - Data Protection Expert, AI, Ethics, Compliance Advisory Board 

Alexandru Dan - AI Consultant, AI Lecturer Cyber Smart Academy 

Max Schrems - Lawyer, Author, Privacy Activist Moderator  

Csaba Demeter - Producer and Host of the TV Show Forum IT and the Podcast ITalks. 


Cătălin Pătrașcu - Cybersecurity Consultant 

Alexandru Butiseacă - Senior Research at Institute for World Economy of the Romanian Academy 

Sebastian Dan - Cyber World Enthusiast, LL.M Law and Technology. 

To be confirmed - VISA Company -Representative 

Moderator: Alin Niță - CEO FivePlus Solutions, President of the ATIC Association, Producer/Moderator of the Forum IT Show, Channel 33 Romania 

Why joining the event? 

Imagine a future where AI plays a bigger role in our lives. But how can we ensure it’s used ethically and responsibly? 

Join us for an engaging public discussion on the most pressing issues surrounding AI development and use. 

Here’s why you don’t want to miss this event: 

- Gain insider knowledge: Learn how to protect your digital rights in the face of extensive AI use, safeguarding freedom of expression and privacy. 

- AI-Powered Defense: Discover how AI can be leveraged to anticipate and counter cyberattacks, while considering the challenges of predictive approaches. 

- Combat the digital threat: Understand the dangers of AI-powered disinformation and its potential to disrupt society and democracy. 

- Defend against sophisticated threats: Learn how to mitigate the risks of AI-driven social engineering schemes, including personalized phishing, and protect yourself from these advanced tactics. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to: 

- Gain exclusive insights from renowned experts. 

- Network with like-minded individuals and build valuable connections. 

- Ask questions and engage in interactive discussions. 

- Leave with actionable takeaways to empower yourself and your organization. 

Limited seats available! Secure your spot today!


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